Emily Tobin

Doctoral Candidate

Emily Tobin is a doctoral candidate in the Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science at Sacred Heart University. Her undergraduate thesis focused on tibial accelerations using body-worn inertial measurement units (IMU) that clinicians could use to monitor rehabilitating athletes and return to sport safely. She has presented her current work at the North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity conference and the Society for Neuroscience conference in poster format.

Research Interests

Emily’s research currently focuses on motor control and brain imaging techniques (e.g., fMRI) of individuals with Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Behavior Disorder (RBD) and Parkinson’s Disease (PD) to better understand early preclinical Parkinsonism.

  • tobine@ufl.edu
  • 170-K Florida Gym
PO Box 11825
Gainesville, FL 32611